Ethiopian Airline is the flagship aircraft carrier service owned by government of Africa. Ethiopian Airline majorly carries out its operation in Africa and it also connects Africa to the rest of the world including United Kingdom. Ethiopian Airline is an excellent choice when you need to travel to any country in Africa. The airfares are economical and the service quality is good.

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London Tower

Eifel Tower


One piece is allowed, not weighing more than 12kg and with maximum dimensions of 55 x 35 x 25 cm.

Economy Class you will be allowed two bags weighing up to 30kg each. Business-Class flyers have a checked-baggage allowance of three bags weighing up to 30kg each. Children under two years have a free baggage allowance of 10kg.

Excess luggage will be charged at £90 per additional piece weighing up to 30 kg.

Transportation of ski equipment, surfs, golf bags, windsurfs, bicycle etc, is allowed as registered baggage against space availability.