A Few Words About Terms


Below are our terms & conditions . The person, who makes the booking, must be aged 18 or over, accepts these conditions on behalf of the party and is responsible for all payments due from the party .


A minimum deposit of £50 per person is required to hold a seat which is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances and deposit will not guarantee your ticket price. Tickets will be released to the customer(s) upon successful completion of full payment but if Airport Taxes and fuel charges are increased then price will be amended and customer will be informed(s). If you pay the deposit and fail to pay the remaining balance in time you will lose your full deposit, as it is non-refundable and you will also be liable to pay for further cancellation charges in case of late payment.

Changes / Amendments

Any request for change or amendments must be submitted in writing and to the concerned agent or to and changes may be subject to additional charge. Date changes before ticket issuance will cost £40 plus fare difference if applicable incase of date changes. And after ticket issuance a fee of £70 plus airline charges and fare difference will be payable, subject to airline permitting changes and airline policy . In all bookings Name changes to any booking before ticketing is treated as cancellation of the booking and thus cancellation rules will apply for further re-booking. Name changes are not permitted after ticketing


Any request for cancellation must be submitted in writing otherwise it will not be entertained. Incase you cancel your booking before ticketing you will lose your deposit and £50 cancellation fee and remaining funds will be refunded to you. £85 plus airline charges will apply for any cancellation after ticketing and therefore the refund is subject to airliner’s refund policy and terms & conditions.


Please note that if you cancel your booking at any stage before ticketing for any reason £50 will be deducted as a cancelation charges per passenger and rest of the funds will be refunded to your account in 48 HOURS -After Ticketing which means once we issued ticket most of the Economy class discounted airline tickets are non-refundable or partially refundable which is subject to cancellation, administrative and service charges. The refund process takes approximately 8-12 weeks but may take longer in case of further investigation requires. Refundable amount will only be made after we receive the money from concerned airline or consolidator. No interest will be paid on refundable amount. Refund will be made into a Pre-designated bank account or will be reimbursed into the relevant card used for payment during the booking. For issued Tickets, which are returned after 1 year from the date of issue, will be classed as expired and there are no refunds due for those tickets.

Prices And Price Guarantee

Initial deposit and upfront cost of £50 only guarantees the reservation not the fare and taxes which may change and Flight and Tours contains full rights to impose additional cost on top of agreed price at any stage before ticketing. In Group bookings and partial payment plan bookings and instant purchase bookings We reserve the right to impose a supplementary cost to the ticket price due to changes in taxes, airline charges, fuel charges, airport taxes, exchange rates, etc. Already issued tickets are not affected by the above changes in price.

Passport, Visa And Health

It is the passengers’ own responsibility to ensure the validity and accuracy of his/her passport, visa and necessary health documents. We are not responsible for loss or vexation caused by faulty or incomplete documentation and company will not be responsible for that


Any complaints must be submitted in writing trough our complaints department over the phone . Any complaints can be Emailed to: Verbal or over the phone complaints are not considered for further processing.